This is Kicki Edgren

I am a Swedish artist, born in 1972. I had my first exhibition when I was 15, started painting portraits when I was 16. In the 90's I started working as an illustrator and designer - a world where my creativity could develop. That's my day-job. But painting freely without any assignment from anyone is the biggest challenge, and it only works when I really want to. When the flow comes, I enjoy every second. I paint when I want, what I want. Sometimes it’s very personal, stories and contexts that want to come out, sometimes it is just about experimenting with techniques, harmonies and color compositions. Some are private, some are for sale. Now I paint every Tuesday. How does it look? Welcome into my studio.

But an artist is not all I am. I am restless, so I get a lot of other things done. From writing, illustration to brand strategy, from typography to wallpaper design, from graphic concepts to lectures. It's widespread. But its all about expression and creativity. 


Right now I am employed at the University of Gothenburg, at the communication unit where I am a manager for the visual identity. 

If you want to have look on the rest of me, you can click on the black box and hit right into my entire world of creations (another website in Swedish).


Or you could just stay here and enjoy my paintings. Maybe that's why you are here.  


Link to another website. In Swedish.

Prices and award

2016 Batteri Kommunikation, Creative communikation


2014 IHM Business School, Communikation planning

2011–2012 IHM Business School, Strategic Brand Management


2007–2009 HDK, University of Gothenburg, Academy of Design and Crafts Masters in design.

2002–2003 University of Gothenburg Art History 

2000–2001 Forsberg skola, Graphic Design

1994–1999 University of Gothenburg Teacher education program 4-9 Visual Art and Swedish language

1992–1993 Randin Reklamskola, advertizing and illustration

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